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Our solutions work because we listen to your needs and create a personalised approach.

Our partner marketing services have been developed to embrace the seven success factors of partner marketing that we identified in our research with the University of Huddersfield and to fit within our Analyse, Discover, Activate and Measure methodology. Our services are designed to be a tool kit of solutions that can be combined however required to create a tailor-made solution that suits your specific business needs.

Partner assessment

If your team never quite gets the results they were expecting, it may mean that something isn’t quite aligned. Perhaps you haven’t got the right people, with the right relationships and clear lines of accountability. Maybe you aren’t focusing on the right partners or providing them with a great experience and marketing service that works for them and their customers. Or maybe partner marketing is more of an afterthought rather than a fully integrated part of the marketing strategy.

We have a methodology that we can use to highlight focus and improvement areas to help you get your partner marketing back on track and drive future success.

Partner selection

The first step to great partner marketing is to ensure you select your partners carefully. We have a neat partner prioritisation tool that helps you to qualify and rank your partners. It’s based on a series of questions and answers which have been founded on our research. The output is a recommended shortlist of partners to work with, based on fact rather than opinion.

Partner stakeholder mapping

The key to a successful partnership is rapport.  This is well documented in our ‘Seven Factors of Successful Partner Marketing’ research. Step one is identifying the right stakeholders, but this isn’t a one-off process; it should be a continual process as stakeholders change and so too do organisational structures. Coterie can support you to identify stakeholders and prioritise them by their influence within the organisation, and their support of you and your organisation. This helps you focus on the right person, at the right time improving productivity and results.

Programmatic partner marketing

If you’re an SI or SP and you manage lots of vendors who are all keen to work with you, but you don’t feel in control of the marketing that is executed or that it harnesses your overall strategy, then our programmatic marketing approach may be the perfect solution.

Our methodology is simple. We take time to…understand your marketing strategy and your vertical and horizontal offers; understand where your partners fit in that; understand your partners objectives; and then create packages that partners can buy into.

The output: one marketing strategy and tactical plan that drives clear messages to the market plus incremental budget.

The result: more leads and better ROI.

Joint value proposition development

No one relationship is the same and it’s important that value is clearly understood by internal stakeholders so that they can sell the offer well. It’s also important that it’s clearly understood by customers so that they can differentiate between you and your competitors.

We have developed a robust methodology to create joint value propositions. This can be done in a workshop environment or remotely through interviews and desk research, and we always include a customer verification phase. The end result is a succinct narrative which can be used as a baseline for all partner marketing deliverables – a great investment.

Go-to-market plan

We strongly believe that you can’t recommend a partner marketing plan without knowing what you are selling, who you are selling it to and where you are selling it. All of that should be highlighted by a good value proposition. It’s equally important that you have the right message targeted at the right contact at the right time and through the right channel.

We’ve been working with Smart Insights and integrated those principles into our own methodologies to develop our own go-to-market (GTM) model RACE. What you will get is a well thought through GTM plan with tactic recommendations designed to get the results you want. Tactics which…

  • R – reach out to your target audience
  • A – attracts your target audience
  • C – converts your target audience
  • E – engages them to keep them loyal

Partner marketing services

Typically, our clients, Channel Marketing Directors and Managers, are managing up to 50+ partners. We recognise that it’s hard to be strategic when you are juggling so many relationships, requests and demands. We offer partner marketing services to vendors who are looking to accelerate their success with partners, and to partners looking to manage vendors in a more programmatic way. Our team effectively become your team, and by using our methodology, you can be confident that you are working with the right partners, executing the right messages, and implementing the right tactics in the right places to help you achieve your targets.

Partner account-based marketing

Our methodologies also work at a specific customer level. If you have a high value, growth account, but you want to identify fresh new, greenfield opportunities and work with partners to maximise your success, a laser sharp focus is what you need. Our team can help you identify the art of the possible, identify the right partners from your portfolio and build the right plan with them to give you conversations and incremental opportunity.

Solving your proposition and partner marketing challenges, big or small.

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