Prioritise your partners. Drive success.

Prioritising which partners to focus your time and budget on is an increasingly crucial step in your partner marketing strategy. It helps drive better results for your business, builds stronger partner relationships, and ensures scarce resources are used in the most efficient way possible.

All resulting in better returns for your business.

Make informed decisions and generate better returns.

Coterie’s Partner Prioritisation Digital Assessment tool has been specifically designed by partner marketers for partner marketers and helps you apply an objective approach to partner selection and categorisation.

Through our collaboration with the University of Huddersfield, we’ve identified seven key factors for successful partnerships.

Our partner prioritisation digital assessment tool is based on this research and helps businesses make informed decisions when allocating resources and investments.

Discover the value of our partner prioritisation digital assessment tool, which enables you to make informed decisions when allocating resources and investments to your partners.

Partner Prioritisation Digital Assessment - Partner Marketing Success Factors

What our customers say.

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“Coterie have been instrumental in helping us to plan and implement an intelligent, robust, and scalable partner marketing strategy. We wanted to target the right partners for the right reasons, and we wanted those partners to think of HPE Aruba Networking first. Coterie has helped achieve this with their team of experts and results-driven approach that has engaged our strategic partners. They have blown me away with their expertise in partner marketing and excellent communication throughout – it really feels like they are part of our team.”

James Houselander, HPE Aruba Networking

Cut through the partner confusion

Intentional and well-thought-out partner prioritisation will help you:

✔️Make better decisions on resource allocation and investments by objectively identifying which partners will deliver the best returns.

✔️Focus on specific sales and marketing strategies to improve partnership performance of and build better relationships.

✔️Optimize partnership performance by creating and aligning structures that drive partner performance.

✔️Enhance sales and marketing performance with action-oriented plans to achieve goals and drive better results.

✔️Identify key characteristics for success in future partnerships and recruit partners that are more likely to perform well.

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