Partner Prioritisation Digital Assessment

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Partner insight that helps you make informed decisions.

Our partner prioritisation digital assessment service helps you to prioritise your partners when considering resource and investment.

Make informed decisions on your partners and generate better returns.

Our partner prioritisation digital assessment tool is based on joint research that we carried out with the University of Huddersfield where we identified the seven factors needed for a successful partnership. These factors map into two criteria: Strategic Fit and Engagement.

Our customisable tool is quick and easy to use and enables you to…

  1. Objectively prioritise partners when considering resource and investment
  2. Focus on specific sales and marketing strategies to improve performance and relations
  3. Identify success characteristics for future recruitment
  4. Create and align partner tiering structures to improve performance
  5. Improve sales and marketing performance through action orientated plans
Partner Prioritisation Digital Assessment - Partner Marketing Success Factors

What our customers say.

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As the Director, Global Channel Marketing for Global Alliances at a leader in Digital Experience Management (DEM), our team engaged Coterie to assist us to help us focus on partner campaigns, activities, and marketing elements to help deliver the most impact to our partners.

This was imperative to our team as we had limited resources and budget for the 15 global partners we supported as per our organizational strategy. Our team reached out to Coterie – our partner engagement agency – to assist us in prioritizing our marketing strategy and tactics as it applied to our Global Alliance partners.

As a result of the study, we were able to ascertain not only which partners we should focus on primarily, but the areas we should concentrate on down to the activity / campaign level that would deliver the best return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Deb Williams

If you’re interested in investing time and money in the right partners and understanding how to improve performance, get in touch now.

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