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We exist to enable channel, partner and ecosystem professionals…

To enable means to give power, means, competence or ability. And for professionals working within an ecosystem, that is just what we do. Driven to make the roles of those working in partner, channel and ecosystem roles easier; we bring your products and services to life through our services, connect you with like minded people and equip you and your teams to become great practitioners.


We believe the role of ecosystem professionals has been overlooked for too long. The ‘overwhelmed ecosystem professional’ is someone we’ve worked with many times before. For over ten years we’ve been operating as an extension of our client’s teams to identify challenges, develop solutions and deliver results.

In doing so, we’ve had the opportunity to develop proven models and methodologies, take part in research, and find new ways to streamline processes,  add value and drive ROI for our clients. But what about those who can’t access our services? Who exists to help them?

Through Coterie Connect and Coterie Academy, we do.

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