The first free community for ecosystem and partner marketers to connect, share and learn.

Our mission is to put partner & ecosystem marketing on the map.

In 2020, we conducted exploratory research in partnership with the University of Huddersfield. We wanted to understand the success factors within the global field of partner and ecosystem marketing, specifically in the digital and IT industry.

We discovered that this type of marketing is underestimated, under-resourced and unsupported. Driven to take action, we founded Coterie Connect. 


Network with like minded professionals operating in similar ecosystems to you. Share your challenges, discuss solutions, and support each other.


Through sharing insight and experiences from all corners of the ecosystem, we can innovate and drive new ideas and ways of working in our field.


Hear from specialists across the partner GTM ecosystem, many working in large global organisations, as they share best practice and expertise.  

Join our free community

Joining Coterie Connect is free. Our two membership levels are contribution based. The more you contribute to the group, the more you get out of it.

Your Coterie Connect membership will include:

  • 12 virtual community meet ups
  • Invitation to annual event
  • Access to community content
  • Best practice templates
  • Contribution based benefits

Hear from our members

Coterie Connect has members from some of the world’s largest tech, IT and financial services organisations.

Rob Reynolds
Rob ReynoldsHead of EMEA Field, Channel & Tech Partner Marketing, Verizon
“For me, the Coterie Community addresses the need for partner marketing to become more of a science. Partner marketing is hugely valuable but misunderstood within many businesses. Together we can collectively set standards, define the science, and explore new ways of communicating our value. This is even more critical as customers look for suppliers with strong collaborative partner ecosystems and relationships to deliver the transformation they need.”
Simon Stokes
Simon StokesAssociate Director of ISP and Growth Marketing, CityFibre
“For a long time I have been looking for a professional community that can support and help me be successful. Like so many of my peers I woke up one day to the realisation that I was now in Partner Marketing, (this may only make sense to other partner marketers). Since then I have agonised about which professional community to join – from marketing associations to management forums. When Coterie approached me to become a founding member of the Partner community there was a light bulb moment. Since joining I have been immersed in relevant content and networking with a group of other lost souls looking to put Partner Marketing, that mix of commercial and marketing strategy and execution, on the map.”
Heather Meldvedt
Heather MeldvedtDirector, EMEA Partners and Ecosystems Marketing, Palo Alto Networks
“The Community is a unique place for partner and ecosystem marketers to come together. After leaving the first Community dinner, I made lots of new friends and connections, people who understood me, understood the struggles that I go through daily, people I can learn from, people I can provide some, “Here’s how I’ve done it.” There was no one in the room you had to tell what partner marketing or channel marketing was, and that’s lovely because we all spend a lot of time convincing people to understand what the channel does, who they are, what we do, and why we add value.”