Introducing: How To Be A Boundary Spanner

A practical guide for B2B and B2C partner, channel, and ecosystem marketeers

by Helen Curtis, Jo Dunkley and Coterie Community members

Partner and ecosystem marketing is a demanding discipline, juggling an increasingly complex ecosystem of partners and alliances. To succeed, a strategic yet practical approach to navigating the web of relationships, funding lines and routes to market is critical. With insight from leading professionals, this book will help you develop your strategic ecosystem marketing muscle and forge activities that drive growth, revenue and reputation. 


A book by ecosystem professionals, for ecosystem professionals

Partner and ecosystem marketing requires a broad range of knowledge. You must understand demand and lead generation, sales enablement, digital marketing, pipeline management, and content development. But you must also be skilled negotiators, facilitators, funding accountants, brand ambassadors and go to market strategists.

Acquiring all this knowledge and staying ahead of marketing trends and business change is a challenge.  

Learn from those who have risen to become leading ecosystem professionals. In our book, theory meets reality to help readers benefit from insight and experiences from those working in the field, to understand how to deliver successful partner marketing by taking a strategic, pragmatic and practical approach. 

Who should read this book?

An easy to read, step-by-step guide to developing, elevating and improving partner marketing in all its forms.  

Meet the authors

Helen, Jo and a whole community of partner marketeers came together to pour their expertise into a practical and actionable book.

Helen Curtis

Helen Curtis

Helen’s passion for partner and proposition marketing drove her to launch Coterie in 2013. Coming from 20+ years working in senior marketing and sales roles for global businesses such as BT, Fujitsu, and Intel, she had experienced all the ups and downs and knew there had to be a better way. Helen’s role is broad, one day she can be working on a collaborative marketing programme, and another she’s teaching the next generation of partner marketers at Huddersfield University.

Jo Dunkley

Jo Dunkley

Jo joined Coterie in 2015 to head up Business Development. With a long career in retail as well as B2B marketing, she understood just how challenging, and rewarding, working in IT and technology marketing can be. It’s this learning which helped her quickly get to the heart of what our customers needed customers need. Jo’s role is to onboard new clients and help them to meet their strategic business goals by providing them with the best possible experience when working with Coterie.

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