Project Description

A fresh thinking approach to tailored channel marketing support for wholesale UC provider Zest4 and partners

Engaging new partners and getting them to commit to a joint marketing campaign for a new solution, is no mean feat. Zest4, a channel-focussed wholesale provider of Unified Communication (UC) solutions, approached Coterie to help create a high-impact channel-focused campaign.

The challenge

Funded by 8×8, a leading provider of voice, video, chat and contact centre solutions, Zest4 needed a scalable way to work with 10 partners in a way that recognised the added value they brought to selling 8×8.

Our approach

We know that one-size-fits-all channel marketing campaigns don’t cut the mustard anymore. With many of Zest4’s 8×8 partners selling complimentary products, we saw the opportunity to create tailored value propositions and bespoke go-to-market activities to increase awareness and maximise sales. With our tried and tested methodology, we were able to do so in a scalable way:

Discover: A collaborative session with each partner to understand their goals and strategies. We sped up this process by using a standardised questionnaire to capture the right information.

Build: Using insight from Discover, we then crafted joint value proposition messaging for each partner, positioning 8×8 solutions alongside their own strengths and value-adds, along with a 12 week go-to-market plan. The plan was unique to each partner, based on their strategies and resources; for some this meant focussing on telemarketing, for others a more integrated campaign with social media, blogs and events.

Activate: Along with Zest4, we supported the partner to launch and run the 12-week campaign, providing campaign assets, such as telemarketing scripts and social media posts, linked back to the value proposition.

Track and Measure: We ran weekly governance calls. These were used to assess the previous week’s activity and make any changes to the next week’s activity, ensuring success.

Supporting partners in such a tailored, bespoke way is not all that common in the IT industry. Our systematic approach made it easy to do it at scale, meaning 8×8 could extend their reach out to more Zest4 partners without it impacting their internal resource, which was limited.

Taking the time at the start of the programme to understand how each partner operates and wants to be perceived in the market is truly unique. From this, partners got their own value proposition created by our experts; something which they could continue to use outside of the 12-week programme to support them on their journey.

Unlike other channel campaigns, the partners also received consistent support from one of our virtual marketing directors, making sure everyone was doing what they had committed to and keeping momentum going throughout the campaign.

The benefits

Each partner received the same support, making it fully scalable, but tailored to their specific needs. This support included:

  • Discovery call with a Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) from Coterie, as well as Zest4 and 8×8
    A sprint start interview to understand their business
    A unique value proposition
    A unique go-to-market plan with tactical support, for example eDM campaigns, sales enablement tools, web copy, social content, data-base sourcing and event support for local business groups
    12 weeks support from a Coterie VMD including a weekly governance call

“Without structure it’s very easy to get pushed and pulled in different directions and not work smart. The Coterie methodology we follow keeps you working smart. With the weekly calls, there was nowhere to hide. Everyone had to do the things they had committed to, but it worked – the results show that.

Mandy Fazelynia, Managing Director, Zest4