Genpact social media for leaders campaign

Boosting visibility on social media with our Social Media for Leaders programme

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Boosting Genpact’s leaders visibility on LinkedIn


Social media is in every part of our daily lives – connecting family, friends and communities.

But can it also be used to create authentic connections between business leaders and their followers?

That was the question Genpact looked to answer.

It’s a familiar maxim that ‘people buy from people’ so Genpact decided to unleash the collective expertise of its top team onto LinkedIn, through a year-long thought leadership and social selling programme.

Key Results

700% increase on post engagement

  • over 1.5 million views
  • 8k reactions

10-point increase of Social Selling Index on average for participating executives

We’re always looking at ways our leadership teams can actively engage with our key audiences. Through this program on LinkedIn, we elevated our leadership teams and gave them an authentic voice in the marketplace.

Our executives saw great value in the program and how it enhanced their social presence and conversations with customers, partners, influencers, and employees

Vinod Krishna, VP of Marketing at Genpact


About Genpact

Genpact is a global professional services firm, with over 100,000 employees globally, operating in 30 countries. It helps Fortune 500 companies to transform their operations, processes, and business models, taking advantage of technologies such as AI/ML, robotic process automation (RPA) and predictive analytics.

Genpact was created in 1997 as a General Electric Business and became independent in 2005.


Coterie ran its LinkedIn programme ‘Social Media for Leaders’, initially as a pilot in Genpact’s High Tech and Manufacturing Services (HTMS) business, before rolling out as an ongoing programme for Senior Vice President level leaders.

Social Media for Leaders works in three phases, starting as a messaging and full support programme and finishing with a coaching offering, where executives ‘graduate’ with higher level of skills and confidence using LinkedIn.

Following the HTMS pilot Coterie has supported 14 Senior Vice Presidents, by:

  • Developing a bespoke persona based around their key themes
  • Updating their LinkedIn profiles with new imagery and biographies
  • Supporting them with personalised content and engagement opportunities with customers and other audiences
  • Providing regular training sessions
  • Offering coaching programme for executives to continue
  • Regularly reporting for marketing decision makers


Schedule of localised assets for a number of markets. Fully optimised in content and designed:​

  • Generated 3.2k views per post in 2021, increasing by 117% to 7.9k views per post in 2022
  • 700% increase on post engagement compared to before the campaign
  • 10-point increase of Social Selling Index on average for participating executives

Customer stories.

Customer First campaign

The client – a global information services company – was running multiple, disparate marketing campaigns that were over exposing and confusing customers and prospects. They needed support to create a customer focused campaign.

GSI joint marketing programme

Radware needed extra support to identify, engage, and build relationships with key stakeholders in 3 of the partners marketing teams, and encourage them to execute campaigns to their customers – in an efficient way.

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