GSI joint marketing programme

Radware needed extra support to identify key stakeholders in 3 of their Systems Integrator partners marketing teams

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A GSI (Global Solutions Integrator) Joint Marketing Programme for a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions 

Our client was struggling with a lack of awareness and understanding around its positioning and its DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) offering with key GSIs internally. There was a lack of clarity on the joint value proposition, and very little buy-in from partners on existing content. 

They were looking to enable partners to drive leads through joint activity, and a 12-month plan, despite the lack of bandwidth and skills within the partner team to run this joint activity. 

Here’s how we helped this client make the most of its content

Coterie developed an overall value proposition, plus a dedicated spin per partner. To ensure or client was able to reach its customer at every stage of the journey, we also developed a focused partner framework from which partners can select tactics.  

A content audit allowed us to see what was usable and we were able to develop a GTM (Go-To-Market) plan per partner, incorporating existing content. We supported this with internal team briefings per partner, lead process, execution support, and reporting to ensure the campaign delivered results. 


As a result of this campaign, our client now has three GSIs onboarded and running ongoing marketing activities. Internal relationships that were developed are still thriving. A full content library is now available to partners for their use, which saves budget and time, and maximises use of materials. 

Even better, our client also gained a repeatable framework which, due to its flexibility, can now be applied to any partner. 

Outcomes include: 

  • A live campaign with each partner – educating and enabling sales and executing via marketing 
  • Increased understanding of the client’s positioning, its GSI partnership and offering 
  • A promising number of joint customers and new leads secured per GSI 

“Coterie have delivered a different experience, one that I have never experienced from an agency before. They have been an extended part of our team, driven to connect and form relationships with our partners and committed to stay the course to bring through some results.” 

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Customer First campaign

The client – a global information services company – was running multiple, disparate marketing campaigns that were over exposing and confusing customers and prospects. They needed support to create a customer focused campaign.

GSI joint marketing programme

Radware needed extra support to identify, engage, and build relationships with key stakeholders in 3 of the partners marketing teams, and encourage them to execute campaigns to their customers – in an efficient way.

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