Why social listening is crucial to your partner marketing strategy and how it can help shape your marketing content

The phrase “social listening” may not be one that everyone is familiar with, but alongside the growth of social media, it’s use as a marketing tool has seen a major uptick since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and during national lockdowns.

But what is exactly is social listening and how do you go about doing it?

Social listening is essentially a way for marketers to monitor brand mentions and keywords that are used in their marketplace. It’s done by monitoring relevant media and influencers who publish content on specific businesses and specific professional disciplines. The data collated offers marketers a solid base on which to assess their brand’s share of voice, and also an opportunity to identify and address any brand issues.

In our latest digital partner marketing tutorial video, Coterie’s Managing Director Helen Curtis and social media expert Sally Hems, discuss how social listening can benefit partner marketing programmes, along with five top tips.

The short tutorial video can be viewed on the resources page of the Coterie website or on the Coterie YouTube channel.

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