Why prioritising partners is key to your partner marketing strategy

Selecting which partners to work with, or partner prioritisation, should be the very first step you take when formulating your partner marketing plan. This is something we’ve highlighted before in our blog about the 10 easy steps to programmatic partner marketing.

But what are you actually doing when you’re prioritising your partners and how do you go about doing it?

When you’re looking at partner prioritisation, you’re assessing whether a partner is fit for investment, whether that be with money, with resources or with your time. By not carrying out a prioritisation exercise, you risk wasting lots of valuable budget and effort on a partner that brings no return, which sours relations, and does no good for your reputation.

How you go about prioritising partners is explained in our latest tutorial video with Coterie Directors Helen Curtis and Jo Dunkley. By considering a range of measures in two areas – strategic fit and level of engagement – you’ll soon form a clear view of which partners are right for investment.

The tutorial can be viewed on the resources page of the Coterie website or on the Coterie YouTube channel.

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