Why ‘marketing to’ your partners is an important part of your partner marketing plans

Our recent webinar on applying the Smart Insights RACE model to the complex world of partner marketing, introduced a number of principles that should be considered when working with partners. Depending on where you are in the value chain, your go-to-market plans should be tailored to reflect whether you’re marketing to, with or through your partners to ultimately achieve sales.

If you’re a vendor, the ‘marketing to’ principle is important to the success of your partner marketing programmes. This is your chance to attract distributors, resellers, service providers, systems integrators or business processing outsourcers and encourage them to sell your products and services.

By engaging in ‘marketing to’ activities, your partners will see how you can add value to their existing offers, how your products and services fit into their portfolio, and how you can benefit their customers.

In the third in our series of digital partner marketing tutorials, we discuss the ‘marketing to’ principle in a little more detail and share four tactics that you can use to market to a partner to capture their attention and mindshare.

The tutorial can be viewed on the resources page of the Coterie website or on the Coterie YouTube channel.

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