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As we celebrate our 10th year at Coterie, our team took a path down memory lane to when we were 10. It seems sadly true that few had ambitions of being a partner marketeer, at least not early on, but we do think the seeds of what we end up doing may be set earlier than we think!  

In the days before we had to think about paying the bills, we all had dreams of what we wanted to become some day when we were big. And we learnt that in those ambitions our passions came through, passions and interests that are still playing a role in the jobs we do now. Which is perhaps why we love what we do. 

A crafty wannabe assassin at 10, is killing it (see what we did there?) as someone with infinite patience and an incredible eye for detail. The girl who wanted to be the voice in the lift has gone up in the world and is now the voice of reason, giving clear directions on how clients can elevate (yeah, we know – that’s even worse) their marketing.  

Think you know who we are talking about? Read on and find out more! 

Helen Curtis – police officer

Ten year old Helen wanted to be a police officer. Little did she know that instead of fighting crimes, she’d become a partner marketing detective – investigating partner marketing challenges.

Jo Dunkley – Wimbledon winner

In 1977 Virginia Wade won in the women’s singles at Wimbledon, and Jo vowed to follow in her footsteps. Alas, Jo was destined to rally for Coterie, where she consistently serves customer success and places partner marketing in centre court.

Mike Curtis – RAF pilot

When Mike was aged 10 he had ambitions of being an RAF pilot or racing car driver. Today? He’s our Chief Technical Officer. His need for speed now translates into finding quicker ways of working through technology and IT.

Lenique Potgieter – artist

Lenique loved drawing so much, that as a child she once got into trouble for doodling on the walls. Driven to share her creativity with the world, she’s now our Head of Design, overseeing projects for clients and our own marketing.

Lizi Johnson – the voice in the lift

Lizi aged 10 couldn’t choose between being a vet, or the voice you hear when going up and down in a lift. Today she is neither, although she uses her voice to raise the profile of our clients through exceptional partner marketing campaigns.

Tom Wykes – footballer

Not put off by training in the rain, as a child Tom wanted to be a footballer. As our Digital Director he’s still passionate about goals – more specifically, your digital goals and how he can help you score them.

Harriet Beckett-Trevor – fashion designer

Young Harriet wanted to be a fashion designer, and would spend her days cutting out clothes from Vogue magazine so she could style her own outfits. Little did she know she was honing her creative flare and problem solving skills, which are essential as a Customer Success Director.

Gill Clarke – teacher

If Gill had fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a teacher, she’d have been fantastic at it. But we’re really glad she didn’t, as she plays a pivotal role in building relationships, leading the team and growing our business.

Holly Pugh – skier or assassin

Both skiers and assassins need to stay calm under pressure, plan well, manage the people around them and deliver when it matters.  As our Operations Director Holly does this for us, and then some – keeping the team in check and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Shelley Hutton – Jedi knight

Young Shelley loved Star Wars and had dreams of becoming a Jedi Knight – a guardian of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic. To do this you need the ability to see all perspectives and stay calm under pressure. Both things Shelley is great at as our Value Proposition and Content Lead.

Noah Mizrahi – doctor

Noah’s kind and calming demeanour would have made her a wonderful doctor, if only the sight of blood didn’t make her faint. Her desire to help people has taken her in another direction all together – one where she nurtures client relationships and solves their professional aches and pains.

Ten years of partner marketing excellence

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane to reflect on 10 years of Coterie, and look ahead to our predictions for 2024.

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