Vendor Marketing: Maximise returns on your Marketing Development Fund (MDF) programmes.

When executed correctly, partner marketing has the potential to deliver remarkable cost-efficiency and profitability to vendors. Working with strategic and well-aligned channel partners can not only boost your sales – it will also enable long-term awareness and credibility to your brand and products in a new market.


With ten years’ experience specialising in partner marketing, Coterie Marketing is best positioned to get you the highest possible return on investment (ROI) from your marketing budget.


Make informed decisions and generate better returns.


From our deep experience of working for and with the technology sector, we understand the challenges of fully realising the potential and generating maximum returns from your Marketing Development Funds (MDF).

We work closely with vendors and their partners to identify your most strategic and investment-ready partners that can enable you to achieve growth and penetrate new markets, through our research-backed partner prioritisation tool.

We can then help to create your unique Value Proposition and form a robust marketing strategy to your target audience. Combining research, digital analysis, and experience, Coterie can help you achieve predictable and demonstrable ROI, whilst helping to establish and maintain strong strategic partnerships.

Partner Prioritisation Digital Assessment - Partner Marketing Success Factors

Align sales and marketing for improved business outcomes

We often find that marketing teams and sales teams can have misaligned expectations or lack of understanding and communication. Yet aligning marketing and sales teams ahead of a campaign is vital for improving business outcomes. 

At Coterie, our focus is to ensure that campaign metrics directly benefit both sales and marketing transparent and open feedback loop between the two departments to align expectations. Not only do we see increased revenue, but also improved customer trust, efficient use of resource, better data-sharing and fewer missed opportunities.

What our customers say.

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“Coterie has brought us a successful marketing strategy…that has led to an astounding number of leads ​as well as a client win. It was successful because the buyers and their pains were identified, and the value proposition articulated.”

Silvia Purin, Partner Marketing Manager, Cisco AppDynamics

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