The importance of marketing ‘with’ and ‘through’ partners to maximise partner marketing success

In our last blog and video tutorial, we introduced the principle of ‘marketing to’ your partners which helps to ensure they fully understand the value of your products and services, and how working closely together will ultimately benefit end customers.

Following on from marketing ‘to’, it’s important for vendors to consider the principles of marketing ‘with’ and ‘through’ partners, and take the time to plan a joint approach and craft joint messaging that articulates the benefits that a combined solution offers.

Marketing ‘through’ is often perceived as simply adding a partner’s logo onto a vendor’s brochure. Whilst this does regularly happen, it’s also a missed opportunity. There’s usually a reason why a customer prefers to buy from a partner, rather than buying direct from a vendor, e.g. their customer service package or their technical expertise, so it’s crucial that these benefits are interwoven into the messaging that goes out to customers.

In our latest digital partner marketing tutorial, Coterie Directors Helen Curtis and Jo Dunkley discuss the marketing ‘with’ and ‘through’ principles in more detail.

The tutorial can be viewed on the resources page of the Coterie website or on the Coterie YouTube channel.

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