Atos VMware: Digital Hybrid Cloud 

Working hand in hand with Atos and VMware by Broadcom to strengthen and elevate their strategic partnership 


In this project Coterie worked with two partners; Atos and VMware.

Atos is a global leader in managed services, focusing on hybrid cloud infrastructure, employee experience and technology services, through decarbonized, automated and AI-enabled solutions.

VMware, now part of Broadcom, is a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor, enterprise software and security solutions.

Their strategic partnership is aimed at delivering innovative IT solutions to businesses worldwide. Together they leverage Atos’ expertise in sustainable cloud technology and managed services and VMware’s cutting-edge technologies to empower organisations with efficient, secure and scalable environments.

Coterie has a long relationship with Atos and VMware, working as an extension of their partner marketing teams to support their GTM strategy. This partnership contributes to the overall success of their marketing initiatives with customers; helping build stronger connections and focusing on developing and growing the business, through lead generation campaigns.


The primary objective of this project was to drive continual awareness and engagement of the partnership with net new C Suite level target audiences, highlighting key partnership strengths through joint content and a robust promotional campaign.

It was usual to execute a 12 week campaign each quarter, but with the discovery that customer buying cycles were longer and more complex, with multiple stakeholders, they decided with Coterie to plan for a longer six-month campaign. They chose to integrate into an already planned customer event, VMware Explore 2023, and utilise all partner funds to maximise impact and attendance to the event.

To achieve the continuous momentum, VMware, Atos and Coterie decided it was imperative to plan ahead based on the available budget allocations.

The results

Our work with Atos and VMware surpassed our projections with 150,000 impressions, 920 click-throughs to the landing page and  30 attendees to the VMware Explore breakout session. 

How we did it

An ‘always on demand generating ’ approach – ensuring a steady and consistent drumbeat of the joint partnership. There was a joint value proposition in existence, but it needed a refresh to ensure it was totally on point. A GTM (go-to-market) plan, was designed which flowed through the top, middle and bottom of the buying funnel. The result? A coordinated and comprehensive calendar of activity, delivered in a timely manner and geared towards engaging high-quality targeted leads whilst ensuring efficient use of quarterly MDF funds.

What we delivered

With the target market in mind, the joint value proposition refreshed and a campaign theme created ‘Unleash the full potential of VMware cloud’, the team developed a customer flow that drove traffic via LinkedIn, organic and sponsorship posts to an Atos and VMware partnership page. The page was populated with an infographic and video, and customers were then nurtured using email teasers promoting attendance of the breakout session at the VMware Explore event. In unison the sales teams were enabled with a sales deck so that if customers did engage, they would be aligned with the campaign messaging.

The campaign theme extended through to the event, complete with giveaways.. Anyone, who attended the event was further nurtured by the local Atos and VMware teams driving awareness through to lead generation.

At Atos, our long-term strategic partnership with VMware is key to our mission of delivering transformative IT solutions to our clients worldwide. Coterie has been integral in helping us define our key strengths and leverage them to engage our target audiences effectively. Their support has been instrumental in achieving our marketing goals and driving meaningful results.

Colleen Fogerty, Head of Ecosystem Alliance Marketing, Atos

Coterie seamlessly integrates as an extension of our partner marketing team, serving as our trusted Center of Excellence (CoE), orchestrating and enhancing the execution of our joint Atos and VMware by Broadcom rolling marketing plan. Through this collaborative effort we were able to maximise the impact of Atos’ sponsorship of VMware Explore.

Allison Reed, Senior EMEA Partner Marketing Manager, VMware by Broadcom

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