Online course overview: Practitioner in partner & ecosystem marketing

This practitioner training focuses on giving marketers the essential skills and templates and is suitable for anyone working in a collaborative marketing or product management role also known as ingredient branding, and co-marketing.

This is a CPD Certified course and is recognised by CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)

Cost: Access all three partner marketing courses for £85

Time to complete: 3-4 hours

Materials: Workbook and videos


Learn on-demand and at your own pace. Over a series of modules we’ll take a deep dive into three core topics.

Module 1: Partner first approach. What is it and why is it essential?

  • Introduction – What is a partner first approach?
  • Partner first framework and process
  • How do you define your partner persona groups?
  • What format, where will they look and what are they looking for?
  • Partner first approach – How do I pull it all together?

The module will end with a summary and a ‘partner first’ assessment.

Module 2: How to build a joint value proposition.

  • Introduction and what is a value proposition?
  • What makes a good value proposition?
  • What is the value of a proposition?
  • Why B2B customers care about joint value propositions and common mistakes.
  • What is the process for building a value proposition?
  • What do I do once I have a value proposition?
  • The discovery phase and why it is important?
  • Explaining the templates: objectives, stakeholders,
  • Building SWOT
  • Target audience – thinking about the persona
  • Target audience and customer need – templates
  • How do I think about the customers challenges?
  • Building a relevant story around the challenges.
  • Building a relevant story around the challenges (pt 2).
  • How do I make sure I pull out the USP’s?
  • Know who your competitors are.
  • What should I do now that I have watched the training?

The module will end with a summary and a ‘how to build a joint value proposition’ assessment.

Module 3: How to build a world class joint go-to-market (GTM) plan.

  • Introduction – What is a GTM plan and why build one?
  • How does a GTM plan help?
  • What are the steps to building a joint GTM plan? (RACE Framework)
  • GTM plan process and core sections.
  • GTM Plan – Setting up the objectives.
  • GTM Plan – Target customers and challenges.
  • GTM Plan – Sales enablement.
  • What is the difference between market with, to and through?
  • How do I start to build the campaign?
  • RACE Framework’s Steps Walkthrough – Reach
  • RACE Framework’s Steps Walkthrough – Act
  • RACE Framework’s Steps Walkthrough – Convert
  • RACE Framework’s Steps Walkthrough – Engage
  • How do you know if your campaign has been successful?

The module will end with a summary and a ‘how to build a world class GTM plan’ assessment.

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