Online course overview: Basics of partner marketing

What is partner marketing? And how does it differ from field marketing, ABM and ecosystem marketing?

Through a series of theoretical frameworks, real-world examples and interactive workshops we’ll cover this, and more. Over nine modules we’ll take you on a journey through partner marketing to broaden your understanding of this dynamic field.

Cost: Access all three partner marketing courses for £85

Time to complete: 2-3 hours

Materials: Workbook and videos


Learn on-demand and at your own pace. In each of our nine modules we’ll take a deep dive into one key aspect of partner marketing.
  • What is partner marketing?
  • Why the hype?
  • How is Partner/Ecosystem different from Field/ABM Marketing?
  • What is Field/ABM Marketing?
  • Differences between Partner/Ecosystem and Field/ABM Marketing
  • Why is partner marketing complex?
  • How do you build a partner programme?
  • How do you scale partner engagements?
  • What should I do now that I have watched the training?

The course will end with a summary and a ‘partner marketing basics’ assessment.

Also included in Coterie Academy

When you enrol in Coterie Academy you automatically gain access to all our partner marketing courses.

Online course: Multi-ingredient ecosystem marketing

This course takes your knowledge to the next level, focusing on the complexities of ecosystem marketing. It’s designed for those already in the field, looking to deepen their understanding of ingredient branding and co-marketing.

Online course: Practitioner in partner & ecosystem marketing

As the most advanced offering, this practitioner training is for those ready to take a significant step forward. It covers everything from building a partner-first approach to crafting joint value propositions and developing comprehensive go-to-market plans.