How vendors can make partner portals stand out from the crowd and maximise their revenue potential

Partner portals have been a popular resource in the IT and telecoms industries for many years. But despite the benefits they offer to partners in terms of access to information for sales, marketing and operational purposes, vendors still often struggle to maximise their potential and make them a success as a revenue stream.

According to 2112 Group, vendors can increase partner wallet share by up to 30% by optimising engagement and enabling partners through portals. Portals can also help to reduce the cost to serve partners and are also a powerful tool for running incentive schemes for channel partners.

In the ninth in our series of digital partner marketing tutorial videos, Coterie’s Managing Director, Helen Curtis, and Coterie’s Partner Marketing Account Director, Nick Smith, share their knowledge and expertise on partner portals. They also highlight five key areas that vendors should focus on to make their portals a success, as part of their partner programmes.

The tutorial video can be viewed on the resources page of the Coterie website or on the Coterie YouTube channel.

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