How to make content marketing an effective part of your partner marketing plans

With digital marketing continuing to evolve and establish itself at the core of our marketing plans, content marketing is more important than ever before. Whether it’s blogs, videos, e-books or social media…content can be found every which way we turn.

But marketers should remember that content isn’t simply a vehicle to promote their products and services. It’s crucial to ensure that content is relevant and useful and highlight the benefits that products and services can bring to customers and potential customers. More importantly, it should show prospects and customers how their key business challenges can be addressed by your products and services, and those challenges can ultimately be overcome.

In our latest tutorial video, Coterie’s Managing Director, Helen Curtis, and Coterie’s Partner Marketing Account Director, Nick Smith, take a look at content marketing and its role in B2B marketing. They also share 5 tips on how to approach content marketing to help make your content stand out from the crowd.

The tutorial video can be viewed on the resources page of the Coterie website or on the Coterie YouTube channel.

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