How partner marketing teams can maximise virtual events and keep audiences engaged

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the popularly of virtual events as a major marketing tool, has grown to unprecedented levels. In fact, according to a recent Forbes report, the use of digital events has grown by a staggering 1000% since the global pandemic began at the beginning of 2020.

Whilst originally only favoured for events such as webinars, demos and podcasts, times have rapidly changed and organisers are now using digital tools and systems to run much larger and more complex virtual events such as sales kick offs, conferences & summits, roundtables, panels, and meetups.

In addition to the increased use of online events, it’s reported that engagement levels are also significantly higher than at traditional face-to-face events. This is perhaps because virtual events tend to be shorter and less time-consuming, but perhaps also in the current climate of restricted movement and lockdowns, there are less day-to-day distractions.

Assessing how focused virtual event attendees really are is difficult to gauge, but it is important for marketers to keep engagement levels in mind when planning virtual events, to stimulate the audience’s attention and ensure their focus is maintained.

Continuing our series of tutorial videos based on the different stages of the RACE for partner marketing model, we take a look at virtual events – a key tactic in the Act stages of the RACE for partner marketing model. Coterie’s Managing Director, Helen Curtis, and Coterie’s Partner Marketing Account Director, Nick Smith, share 5 top tips for maximising virtual events and ensuring your event stands out from the crowd.

The tutorial video can be viewed on the resources page of the Coterie website or on the Coterie YouTube channel.

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