Applying the Smart Insights RACE model to the complex world of partner marketing

In the current climate, digital has become a major feature in our customers’ buying journey. It is sometimes difficult to ensure that the right digital tactics are used at the right time and in the right place in that journey, to nurture a customer lead. However, in the partner world it’s a lot more complex because before you embark on the development of any marketing campaign with or through a partner, an imperative step is to market to that partner to raise awareness of your brand and educate their teams, so that they really understand your value and are ready to sell.

Smart Insights had already developed the RACE model which presents their version of a customer’s digital journey: Reach, Act, Convert and Engage. This model is widely recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and marketers worldwide. We felt that it could be adopted for partner marketing to bring the ‘market to’ phase into the fold, which in our opinion is one that is often overlooked.

Please view our recorded webinar with our very own Helen Curtis, joined by the RACE model’s originator, Smart Insights’ Dave Chaffey, to understand more about our jointly adapted model and how using it could make your partner marketing more effective and efficient.

The webinar is available to view on the resources page of our website or on our YouTube channel.

Also see Smart Insight’s blog on applying the RACE model to partner marketing.

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