Value proposition workshop

Time:  <need approx. 6 hours>
Attendees: <add sales attendees> <add marketing attendees> <add product attendees> <add operational attendees>
Current challenges: <add summary of the current challenge/opportunity e.g. to improve joint working>
Outcome of the workshop: <add the expected outcome e.g. a clear offer, with a set of target accounts, clear set of actions>
Objective the session:
Pre-work <One sentence with a clear overall objective. E.g. to grow revenues by £xxxM together>
Create a SWOT a (Strengths/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats) analysis of the current joint relationship. <Everyone can email their input prior to the work>. This is to get all the issues and opportunities onto the table at the beginning of the meeting.
Agenda: <Example timings below, to be adapted>Start
Welcome and Introductions

Re-cap objectives of the day

Section 1 – Defining the proposition

What is the proposition that will be taken to market?
Confirm the xxxxx and xxxxx proposition
What are they? Have we sold them already?

The target market
Who is the target market for the xxxxx and xxxxx Proposition/s?
How should the offering be positioned (in terms of value and resolution)?
What is the description we want the audience to accept?

What are the Market drivers for the xxxxx and xxxxx proposition/s?
What are the external factors driving the need?

What are the benefits
What does the xxxxx and xxxxx proposition for business ‘do’ for the target market that is unique, better, different from the other choices?
Which is the one most important ‘benefit’ from the customer’s perspective? Is there a risk priority that can be leveraged?


What are we competing against? What is the one most significant option the target audience has other than the xxxxx and xxxxx? Who is the strongest competitor? What are the other choices? May they also choose the option of doing nothing? Does regulation play a part? What specific feature(s) can we present superior value over? What will happen if they take the competitive offering or course of action? What is the one most compelling detriment from the audience’s perspective? We will run through:

  • Competition
  • Alternatives
  • DIY


  • Average SOV
  • Sales cycle
  • Sales targets

Section 2 – Progressing the sale

Sales Team
Who will sell this solution?
Will Account Managers lead the sale?
What specialist support is needed?

Sales Enablement
What training is required?
Who do we need to train?
Can we name them?

Market Awareness
What market conditioning/awareness do we need to do to promote our joint offer?
Do we need to do any PR or analyst promotion?
Do we need a joint web presence?

Lead Generation
How will we drive leads?
Do we need a marketing campaign?
Or will it be sales lead?
Do we have a list of contacts for the target customers?

Building the business case and cross sell
Customer business case/ ROI model
Cross sell/ up sell opportunities

What support and tools are available
What is the pricing approach?
Do we need collateral to promote our joint offers
What support do the account managers need?
Do we have case studies and success stories?
What do they need to have for a specialist to become involved?
Sales incentives
Internal Processes that need to be accounted for

Agree any next steps / information to be gathered

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