The importance of getting the basics right for your digital marketing strategy

With COVID-19 spreading unrelentingly across the globe and forcing millions of us to work from home, the super-powers of digital and digital marketing have truly come to light. Although face-to-face meetings and large-scale events are not currently possible, revolutionary collaboration and virtual event tools mean that businesses can still strengthen customer relationships and generate valuable sales pipeline in these challenging times.

But before putting a digital marketing plan into action, it’s crucial to get the basics right. Here are our top 3 tips to get you started….

1. Personalise your content for your target audience and ensure that it’s relevant

Identify buyer and influencer persona types and establish their challenges. Address those challenges by presenting how your product or solution adds value and helps to overcome them.

Place personalised and relevant content at every touchpoint on your customer’s digital journey, ensuring that value is visible every step of the way.

2. Make sure that the essential basics are taken care of

By essential basics, we mean websites, landing pages, SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click), and analytics.

For websites, landing pages, and SEO, it’s important to ensure that your value proposition messaging is present. It’s a good idea to carry out an audit to check that the messaging is in place and identify any gaps that need filling.

Value proposition messaging is also key to shaping pay-per-click advertising. Instead of allowing Google to suggest your key words, use your messaging to identify high value key words around which your content should be created.

For analytics, using the LinkedIn Insight Tag is a great way to see who’s visited your digital profile whilst contacts are working at home. Best of all, it’s free!

3. Maximise opportunities for virtual customer conversations

Whilst face-to-face interactions with your customers are not currently possible, opportunities are plentiful via social networking channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. To maximise these opportunities, we recommend that you…

  • Review and update your company and sales personnel profiles and ensure that your value proposition messaging is present
  • Identify and connect with your existing customers as well as key prospects and influencers
  • Use social listening techniques to gather insight into the topics that are influencing buying decisions today
  • Create an editorial calendar to help you publish content that reflects your value proposition, and make sure that you’re posting regularly

Once you have all the digital basics in place, you can then start to look at the creative tactics to attract customers throughout their buying journeys. More on that next time!

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