Supporting the creation of customer focused campaigns to offer better alignment

The brief

The client – a global information services company – was running multiple, disparate marketing campaigns that were over exposing and confusing customers and prospects. ​

Their impact and breadth of capability was being diluted and outcomes were difficult to measure​. They needed support to create a customer focused campaign.

They also required better alignment and collaboration across three major product lines as well as central marketing.

The results

How we did it

  • Coterie initially defined target segments​ and then explored those target segments’ pains​.
  • We then led multiple workshops in order to map Experian’s products to a set of customer pains
  • Following these workshops, we built out a detailed persona for each segment, including functional & emotional drivers, decision making, and buying behaviour. These were designed to guide marketers’ approach to each segment based on unique needs​
  • Finally, we incorporated a marketing blueprint that highlights: job roles per persona/segment, what key pains to market against, which relevant products to link to, and finally the language/format to market with

Want to find out more?

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