Meet the MDF heroes: helping you to navigate marketing development funds

Marketing developments funds are pots of investment given by vendors to channel partners to invest in the marketing of their product or solution. For channel partners, they’re both a blessing and a curse… 

They’re a blessing because they drive engagement and, most importantly, sales, for both the vendor and the partner. But they’re also a curse because, to access them, you need the one thing you’re probably lacking the most; time. And, even if you’re able to find the time to navigate partner portals and understand the requirements of your MDF, you’re then tasked with delivering a marketing and sales enablement programme with limited marketing resource or capacity. Oh, and let’s not forget collating your proof of execution before the deadline.   

*And breathe.*  

We get it. Navigating MDF is hard work, and time is rarely on your side. If you’ve been unable to unlock the potential of MDF, you’re not alone. 60% of MDF funding remains unused each quarter. Let’s look at some of the most common MDF aches and pains, and how our MDF heroes can help you navigate them.  

Time consuming administration  

Accessing MDF involves many processes, including accessing partner portals, in addition to administration and rules. When you’re short on time this can become a thorn in your side. However, when you look at it from the vendor’s perspective, they’re making a significant investment in your business. They need to be absolutely certain the funds they provide are used in the correct way.

How can we help? Our MDF heroes are experts in navigating the perplexing administration of MDF. Partner portals are no match for our caped crusaders, who can swoop in and uncover hidden treasures to supercharge your activity.

Not enough vendor resources

Vendors can be guilty of being under-resourced too. Whilst we know that in an ideal world you would have a partner portal packed with resources you can utilise and adapt for your marketing campaigns, for some vendors this isn’t possible. This can leave you with MDF funding, but no assets to build your campaign around  

How can we help? As a team of partner marketing experts, we know how to craft electrifying content and assets to bring your joint messages to life. Not only that, we can also devise a complete marketing and sales enablement strategy to deliver an out-of-this-world campaign, reaching the right audiences and generating return on your MDF spend.

Overwhelmed and under resourced  

This is a story we hear time and time again. So many vendors. So many opportunities. Not enough, if any, marketing resource. Even with MDF funding and the most innovative resources in the world, if you don’t have the expertise or capacity to deliver on a marketing or sales and enablement plan, your funding will remain unspent, and your marketing goals just out of reach.

How can we help? See us as your satellite superpowered partner marketing resource. You can call upon us, anytime and from anywhere, to deliver your marketing or sales enablement campaign from start to finish. We work as an extension of your team, collaborating with you to get the job done.

Perplexing proof of execution 

You’ve delivered your MDF campaign, now it’s time to showcase your work. The requirements for proof of execution differ from vendor to vendor, with some requiring more evidence and metrics than others. It’s important to demonstrate leads, opportunities and ROI to improve your chances of receiving MDF in the next cycle. When you’re underresourced this can prove to be a time drain.  

How can we help? Our MDF heroes can handle all the heavy lifting of proof of execution for you. Well versed in data, metrics and vendor expectations, we can help you put your best foot forward and showcase the success of your campaign.

Our mission: End-to-end MDF support  

We’re on a mission to help the 60% of vendors missing out on MDF each quarter to maximise the funding available to them. Through our end-to-end superpowered support, we can access funds, devise powerful campaigns, and handle the heavy lifting of administration and perplexing paperwork.  

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