2018 Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of This Year.  Written by Forbes Communication Council, this article provides interesting insight into the world of marketing. These two areas caught our eye in particular:

Brutal honesty – Marketers can take advantage by clearly stating what their products and services are good at and where they need improvement backed up by objective customer reviews. This honesty translates to brand integrity, leading to trust and sales.

Account-Based Content Marketing – ABCM will help B2B companies target unique personas as individuals within a company and provide a unique user experience through a customised content journey.

What trends are you seeing within your world? How far would you take honesty and integrity in your marketing campaigns?

The Future of Cloud Computing is Serverless – The cloud has been a boom for many companies but a small contingent of IT leaders is looking to an even more efficient way to rent computing horsepower – they’re going ‘serverless’.

What opportunity could this tend create for you? Why not speak to a friendly CIO and find out what it means for them and how you could get ahead of the curve.

Digital Culture Change – What Not to Do – A great podcast from Gartner aimed at IT leaders but also provides an excellent viewpoint for understanding more about the challenges facing your customers – and therefore what you can be doing in your marketing to help address them.