Holly Pugh

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Head of Operations

My main focus is to ensure that our clients’ projects run smoothly, from the day they sign up right through to completion.  Having worked both in creative agencies and client side, I joined Coterie in the Spring of 2017 to ensure the delivery team runs as productively as it can.

I get to flex my marketing skills every now and then too, by supporting some of our clients’ campaigns.

My passions: I am most at home on the slopes, if I could spend every weekend in Chamonix skiing I would (I’d also make the most of the local patisserie whilst there).  I’m not bad in the kitchen and love to cook spicy food.  I like to take photos of our cat (although it’s not really our cat, it’s someone else’s cat, but she’s moved in with us now).

My crowning glory: Difficult to choose one specific moment; two spring to mind… That time I skiid off an edge, falling 8ft on to a rock hard flat cat track, and not breaking anything, or when I dressed up as Xena Warrier Princess, and kneed myself in the face while trying to do a jumping kick.

Clare Winter

Solving your proposition and partner marketing challenges, big or small.

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