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At Coterie we’re not just partner marketing experts. We get that working together, sharing ideas and collaborating is the pre-requisite for success in the partner world. So, we’ve set up our Partner Marketing Surgery, a pre-booked, 30-minute, free consultation, where you can ask us to advise on a specific challenge, or request feedback on something you’re working on.

We have over 10 years’ experience in diagnosing the aches and pains of partner marketing and can help recommend remedies that will work every time. Sort of like a Fairy Godmother, but a lot more believable. 

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At Coterie we can help you with any partner marketing challenge. Partner prioritisation? Yep, we have helped many clients with that. Messaging and content? Our team have tackled some of the most complex partnerships and provided clear, concise, powerful propositions and content that delivers we’ve even won awards for it. Go to market, MDF management, digital marketing, social sales and sales enablement? Yes, yes and yes. Whatever the challenge, we’re here for you.  

Gillian Clark
Gillian ClarkClient Success Team Lead
Jo Dunkley
Jo DunkleyCEO Coterie Marketing
Tom Wykes
Tom WykesDigital Director
Helen Curtis
Helen CurtisFounder

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Fill in the form below and explain what you would like to discuss, and what you would like to get out of the consultation. We will then connect you up with the best person on our team to help on your specific request.