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How to drive marketing value from your most important relationships

Back in 2018, we worked with the University of Huddersfield to carry out research into the factors that contributed to partner marketing success. The results revealed seven success factors that, when in place, lead to improved partnerships and improved business outcomes.
Since then, however, the market has vastly changed, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. So at the end of 2020, we again teamed up with the University of Huddersfield to conduct a further research project that revealed some interesting results and introduced the concept of ‘marketing ecosystems’.
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Ecosystems marketing research report

Key findings:

Learn more by downloading the full research report.

Download the full research report

Hear more about the key findings from our research

Coterie Directors, Helen Curtis and Jo Dunkley, discuss more detail surrounding the key findings of our ecosystem marketing research.

Research overview
Death of the partner tiers
Skills gap 2.0
Let it shine
Recalibrating relationships
Why is tech marketing so boring?

Learn more by downloading the full research report.

Download the report

Nine tips for successful ecosystem marketing

We’ve condensed the best bits from our ecosystems marketing research report into a tips and tricks infographic. Click below to download it.
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In the press

Our ecosystems marketing research has had some fantastic coverage in the press. Click on the images below to read the articles in full.

See the full research report by clicking the link below.

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