Ecosystems 2.0: How partner marketing is evolving and what comes next

Ecosystems 2.0

How to drive marketing value from your most important partnerships.

Our decade plus in partner marketing has revealed time and again that this is a very poorly researched -yet critical part- of the revenue machine. Working with clients in all aspects of partner marketing has revealed the demand for insights from others in the partner marketing community, to aid bench-marking and strategy as they navigate persistent change. With this in mind, and combined with our commitment to helping elevate partner marketing and support partner marketeers, we have partnered with the University of Huddersfield on several studies to fill this notable gap.  

Ecosystems 2.0 is the report from our latest joint research project. It reveals the critical success factors and major trends that are key to driving value from partner marketing as the world shifts towards a much more complex, matrixed ecosystem model of alliances. It provides compelling insights into how partner marketing is – and must – evolve, that will inspire and aid partner marketeers, and others whose roles rely on the success of channel models. 

To start to benchmark your partner marketing and understand how you can drive results from ecosystems even in these uncertain times, click here to download the report. 

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