Coterie proudly support mental health charity “In Your Corner”

Coterie were extremely humbled and proud last night at Media Fight Night to be supporting our wonderful charity, In Your Corner (IYC), which helps children and adults at risk or under referral to mental health services.

In Your Corner is a charity that uses non-contact boxing training as a vehicle to help people of all ages and abilities to improve their mental and physical health.

With 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing a mental health problem each year, isolation, fear and low self-esteem are common experiences in both teens and adults. In Your Corner have built an inclusive programme and a welcoming environment using non-contact boxing, where people are not judged or defined by illness, but are met on a human level with consistency, respect, and compassion.

In Your Corner currently share a gym space, but the money raised at last night’s event, through generous donations from the 1,100 attendees from the media industry and through money raised by the boxers who trained for months to put on the show of their life last night, will go a long way to helping this small charity to train more coaches and find its own premises.

We loved every minute of being involved in Media Fight Night including meeting David Haye, aka ‘The Hayemaker’, who has held multiple world championships in two weight classes.

To find out more about the amazing charity In Your Corner, visit

Or to make a donation, visit

Every contribution would be gladly received!

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