Cambodia housing project

At Coterie we know a lot about building effective partnerships. We also understand the importance creating the foundations for long-lasting, meaningful relationships in business and nurturing them, so they continue to be worthwhile and useful.

We also hold our values in high esteem, reviewing them frequently, checking in with each other and holding ourselves accountable to them.  We have a dedicated page on our website for them.

To keep these values true, we try to expand them beyond the boundaries of our office walls. When Ant, our Financial Director wanted to get a team together to support The Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia building houses, we were happy to encourage him and offer our sponsorship.

So, now he’s back, and we’ve seen the great work that he and the team achieved, we wanted to share it. Building 25 ‘Little Green Houses’ is no mean feat. But these houses are needed to replace older homes; built directly on the earth, liable to flooding and with very little resistance to the climate and changeable weather. The new homes are built high on stilts with solid roofs. They should withstand many years, and create a safe place for people to live.

If you’d like to see more, donate to this brilliant cause, or consider pulling your own team together; look at their website.

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