ATOS – The currency of cyber-trust; B2B Content Campaign of the Year

We don’t really have a ‘tag-line’, but if we did, it would be: Expert. No-nonsense. Collaborative. Solving your proposition and partner marketing challenges, big or small.

We are partner marketers, experts in bringing together, maintaining and nurturing partnerships, and as such our work often brings us in to close contact with other agencies. At the end of the day, we’re all out there, doing our best for our clients, so sometimes we need to work with others collaboratively.

It’s a great process as its always exciting to get to know another way of working, a different way to chart success, a contrasting way to report, and nine times out of ten, more brains are always better one.

We are thrilled that a collaboration has led to us being part of the winning team for Atos, alongside Chime, Oliver and Cognent. We won B2B Content Campaign of the Year at the UK Content Awards 2019.

The UK Content Awards celebrates excellence in content marketing and rewards agencies and in-house teams creating high quality, valuable content which attracts, informs, engages and retains an audience to ultimately deliver traffic and profit.

Every category was judged by a panel of industry experts in a robust, credible and transparent two-step process, involving pre-scoring and a judging session where the panel discussed each entry in detail.

The piece that won the award ‘The currency of cyber-trust’ is a brilliantly informative report, helpful for any UK businesses that not only want to keep their customers secure but also want to win and retain their trust. Something which is crucial today, where cyber attacks are more on the consumer radar than ever before.

The report gives easy to follow recommendations – which we would suggest any organisation in the public or private sector should observe.

If you’d like to download the full report – click through to Atos’s website here.

There are very few organisations and businesses that have in-house and available talent to be experts at everything. That’s why working with agencies is so important, it gives an extra pair of expert hands to your company when it’s needed most. What makes it successful is when the all agencies can work collaboratively alongside the client to achieve the best, and winning results, just like this.

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