A week in the world of marketing: my work experience at Coterie

Last week we welcomed Ella to the team for her work experience week. Interested in a career in marketing she brought with her bags of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity. In this post we asked Ella to reflect on her week with us…

Stepping into the week, I was full of excitement and nerves, having entered Coterie with a basic knowledge of marketing and the idea that it might be something I wanted to pursue in the future. I had zero expectations and was committed to giving 100% effort to whatever tasks came my way. Little did I realise that by the end of the week, I would confirm my interest in marketing and even fall in love with it.

What have you learned throughout this week with Coterie?

My time at Coterie has been filled with valuable learning experiences, ranging from degree advice to in-depth marketing insights. One of the main lessons I’ve learned is the importance of keeping my options open. Marketing offers a diverse array of branches to explore, and focusing solely on one would be limiting. I’ve also gained insight into the day-to-day life of a marketer, from client calls to drafting social media posts and surveys. This entire week has been a rich learning experience.

What has surprised you throughout your week with Coterie?

Honestly, I was surprised by how interested I became in B2B marketing. At the outset of the week, I was only familiar with marketing that involves direct consumer engagement, so partner marketing was a completely new concept to me. However, after learning about partner marketing from experienced professionals and gaining a deeper understanding of how it operates, I’ve developed a keen interest in it and can envision pursuing it in the future.

How has your week with Coterie impacted your future?

This experience has had a profoundly positive impact on my career aspirations. It has provided me with valuable insights into the world of partner marketing. Being exposed to various facets of the field has helped me grasp its potential scope, and overall, this week has inspired me to pursue marketing as my career path, a decision I feel fortunate and confident about.

What has been your favourite part of this experience?

While there were many memorable moments during my time at Coterie, the event stands out as my favourite. The speakers were incredible, covering topics from the impact of AI in the modern world to the significance of digital marketing. I learned a great deal, and that’s not even considering the invaluable advice I received from partner marketing professionals at the event. The kindness and warmth of everyone I met truly made the Coterie community special.

Why do you think work experience is so important?

Work experience provides invaluable insights into the professional world and helps forge connections that can benefit you in your future endeavours. From a personal standpoint, this experience has solidified my career path in marketing, a realisation I feel privileged to have at my age.

Overall, my work experience at Coterie was captivating, and I extend a huge thank you to Jo, Hayley and Harriet for organizing and facilitating this opportunity amidst their already busy schedules. They included me in everything and offered feedback and advice whenever I needed it. Thank you, Coterie team, for supporting me every step of the way! 


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