5 simple steps to making your content go from ‘oh so last year” to on trend in 2023

For many of us, kicking off the new year is the ideal time for a fresh start. There’s something about a new calendar that feels like the right time to ‘get stuff done.’ 

On the list: taming inboxes, updating contact sheets, refreshing social media profiles, and generally working towards ‘good housekeeping’ of the workplace. But if you, or your team, happen to be in charge of content, this could also be the ideal opportunity to give your current content the once over. As budgets continue to be under review, change is the only predictable thing, and focus keeps shifting, knowing what you already have to work with – and what can be refreshed or re-used to give your content calendar a boost – is a New Year’s resolution you’ll be wise to keep. 

Here’s 5 simple steps to making your content feel like it’s fresh off the press again: 

  1. Pile it all up

Most organizations already have plenty of great content readily available – much of which could be put to better use with very little effort. There is no time like the present for a content audit to see what’s stashed away. Much like emptying your entire wardrobe to ensure you haven’t missed a gem hiding at the back, this is a key step to any content refresh. 

Pull out everything you can think of and catalogue it against your target audiences and their customer journey to identify any gaps – and surpluses – to give you a better idea of your content requirements for the year to come. And ask around – see what other teams may have that can be added to the mix. 

  1. Reflect on what you have

Next, take the time to evaluate each piece of content individually. What is it doing for you? How is it performing? Where it looks a little drab, give some thought to the why, and how you might turn it around. This is the equivalent of trying it on to see if it still suits you and if it still ‘sparks joy.’  

Don’t forget about your digital ‘look’ too – how is it working for you? Does it still give the right impression now the party season is over, or is it screaming more ‘hungover’? A digital health check could be a terrific addition here and can give you great insight into how your partners are part (or not) of your online presence and how this might be improved.  

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The classic reduce, reuse, recycle mantra works as well on content as it does on any other clutter. Old content, like dated fashion, can make your business feel stodgy and stale. If your content doesn’t fit your strategy, feel free to archive it. 

Repeat content? Condense or combine into a single asset that uses all the best bits. Outdated? Optimise or update it to bring it in line with top performing content with a keyword refresh or new product descriptions.  

With the right tools, you can track performance and keep tweaking until you get the results you want. 

Finally, if there are those odd bits of content that still ‘sparks joy’ but you wish could be just a little more accessible or user friendly – be bold and repurpose and reshape these into new formats that partners and customers can consume more readily.  

  1. Make your ‘capsule content’ work for you

Now that you have created a great capsule of usable content, you can manipulate these key pieces to build future campaigns to drive revenue and growth. Refreshed ‘hero pieces’ make great lead magnets, supported by social posts and sales enablement assets. Use your partner networks to collaborate where you can share complimentary assets (and budgets of course) to put an ensemble together with extra appeal.  

  1. Plan ahead

Once you have a handle on your content, don’t lose the momentum. Create a plan or a schedule not only to post and share, but to update and where necessary add those few new pieces you need to keep engagement flowing. Track changing key words and update metadata as you go makes for a more manageable refresh for the coming year. 

And finally, don’t forget to set up a repository that is easy for you and our content users to dip into when needed.  

 The bonus is that this offers your marketing team quick wins for the business, at relatively low cost. So, for those that are looking for ways to make their budget stretch a little farther, this can be a rewarding exercise not only for your headspace and workspace but also for your bottom-line. 

Coterie are partner marketing specialists with experience in assisting our clients around the world optimize their content. We would love to help you drive the full value from current available content and serve up new assets that elevate your activities while maximizing ROI.  

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