How to make sure your sales teams feel confident speaking to customers about solutions.

Over the years of doing product marketing the challenge has always been making sure your sales team feel confident talking to customers about your solutions. Helping them connect from a business challenge to a solution or product without feeling uncomfortable or out of their depth. So, how do you help them make that connection and bolster their sales efforts?

It’s all about creating a great story for them to tell in order to create more meaningful conversations. A story which, in really simple terms, tells what’s happening in the customer’s world, how it is impacting them and what your business can do to help. This means not bamboozling sales teams with technical solution information or complex PowerPoint, but instead providing the story in bite size chunks – conversation starters – that they can relate to and easily learn.

Also, think about what the “golden thread” is for your story – the one thing that connects everything across your business, and make sure this sits at the heart of all your content.

Think about: Creating tools for sales to help them bring the story to life without having to spend time interpreting it, for example interactive presentations, videos, case studies and sound bites.

Hilary Salzman
Director & Head of Value Proposition Development