A warm welcome to Coterie thoughts from our new Digital Director

So as first days go, a trip to London to spend the afternoon having a Christmas party is a wonderful way to be introduced to the company. The atmosphere was very festive, and everyone was in good spirits. It was also a great way to meet not only colleagues, but suppliers and customers too. I got to see first-hand the culture of Coterie in action, which was very warm and welcoming.  

As Coterie is 100% remote, I find they work hard at installing a tangible culture of support and openness. The natural barrier that is placed through remote working does not hinder the team. We have regular catch ups, dedicated time for 1 on 1 sessions and someone is always on hand for a call or a catch up. There is a real sense of a team spirit and a common focus within the company to deliver for our clients.  

 For me personally the move to Coterie represents a move from B2C marketing to B2B and a further shift to specifically Partner Marketing. This is where the team have shown great support, guiding me through the nuances of Partnership Marketing and how Coterie delivers results for our clients. It has been a steep learning curve, but I am excited to get my teeth stuck into something new. 

 As the weeks tick along, I have been pulled into more and more client facing meetings and this has given me another insight into the company. There is a very noticeable desire to put the needs of the client above any short-term gain for the company. I firmly believe that we would say no to a piece of business if we didn’t believe that it would deliver a worthwhile ROI for the client. For me personally, this fits perfectly into how I like to conduct myself, so in that respect it has been a very easy transition.  

 The role of Digital Director is to shape and guide our digital offering. I am pleased to report that already in so much in place, so the task becomes more about finessing and growing. We have some fantastic bespoke digital tools already developed here at Coterie and I am looking forward to exploring how these can further help our clients grow.  

 There is huge potential here for growth and I am excited to be a part of that. For growth a few things need to be aligned. The company needs to have a defined offering, a focus on who their target market is and the ability to communicate that both internally and externally. Within my first few days, I can see this is present at Coterie. Form a digital perspective it is an ever-changing landscape, so I am looking forward to bringing that drive to our offering. 

 In summary I am delighted to be joining such a lovely team at Coterie. I can see huge potential and I am really looking forward to a prosperous 2023!  

Tom Wycks 

Digital Director 


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